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We all know Chris is a dick BUT he’sgot a point…I’m all for people enjoying themselves at shows, but please respect the fact that others want to hear the music…Concerts are hang-outs for many and they have the right to enjoy themselves, but if you want to talk all night, stay the fuck home.Then once I was walking through the hallway and it was normally uncomfortably warm inside but I felt a chill and goosebumps.You could people yapping over the music, I told my wife I wanted to stand on my seat and tell people to shut the hell up! I do think alcohol or more to the point too much alcohol is part of the problem, but I go to a lot of shows and it just seems like a lot of the crowd has no interest in the music and prefer to jabber away and not respect the performers or the other audience members.There are things I want but can’t afford (oceanfront property).

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