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Pearlescence Pigment Dye | Pearl Resin Colorant Powder ...

If the item the mold was created from was not shiny smooth, the mold will also be matte.The colour of my mold is different from the one pictured on the website but it is otherwise identical.Hello, would the pearl particles rub off if you paint it in the mold first or are all the particles incorporated into the resin? Or is it advisable to add another clear resin layer on top of it for protection of the pearl particles? As a pendant for example would need to withstand alot of handling/touching/fiddling.This ensures the colour of the finished piece will remain the same as the day it was made. Original Stationery Mica Powder Pearl Pigment ...

After you remove the casting from the mold, you will want to flip it over and sand off any sharp edges.The first technique is one I often use because it allows the resin piece to be translucent while adding colour and a bit of sparkle.With Resin Obsession Super Clear resin, in 6-8 hours the resin should be cured enough to remove from the molds, but you can wait longer to unmold them.Since we’re using flexible silicone molds for this project, you simply have to bend the mold a little and the casting should pop right out.

Using Pearl Ex With Resin - Resin Obsession

Make sure you get the coloured resin into all parts of the cavity.To help reduce the inclusion of bubbles in the resin, you can use a heat tool (such as one used for heat embossing on cards) or lighter to encourage bubbles to rise to the top.I know I should try the first way but I typically like the thick colors.Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2016 Resin Obsession, LLC.If you run out of resin before you’ve filled in all the cavities, you can always mix more.Hi Seth, we are sorry to hear things aren’t working for you as expected. Stardust Mica Soap Making Pigment Powder ...

I am working on a dragon’s egg using this technique and can’t wait to see the result!.You advise using a heat gun or lighter to get rid of bubbles.I don’t think that’s right but done exactly know what I’m doing wrong.The mold I am focusing on today is a silicone mold of leaves.Drop the powder into the cup without letting the stir stick touch the resin.I often will let resin cure overnight since it’s easier to wait for the cure when you can completely ignore it and aren’t thinking about how the project might turn out.

Pearlescence Pigment Dye | Pearl Resin Colorant Powder ...

Loose powder that’s not in contact with the mold won’t make the colouring thicker or darker, it will more likely just end up floating to the top (back) of the piece.Where resin crafting is more than a passion, it is an OBSESSION!.If you overfill, the back of the finished piece will not be flat and you risk resin running over the side of the mold.(15 Colors 10g/0.It can be used in a few different ways to add colour and sparkle to your resin project.I personally am not comfortable using high heat around a volatile compound so I haven’t tried that, but what I do with a project where I don’t want bubbles is two passes with a toothpick to pop bubbles and then just hold my breath to get it warm and then bend over and breathe gently onto the project without a straw. Original Stationery Mica Powder Pearl Pigment ...

Dip the dry brush into the Pearl Ex to pick up a small amount of the powder and simply brush right into the mold cavity.I am looking for a very even pearly outcome, like a car finish.I am new to resin and loving everything you have both tutorials and products! I feel like you really give everyone both newbies and pros the tools they need to be successful!!! Thank you for your time and effort in educating us all!!! Going to my work room to get started!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!.Decide the colours and the molds you want to use.Make sure you get the coloured resin into all parts of the cavity.

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